Branded interior spaces for utilitarian apparel and accessories company.

When PVS met Chrome Industries, it was gearheads meet materials librarians. Or, maybe it was the other way around? Chrome has an industrial design sensibility that it wanted to translate into traditional retail display, shop-in-shops like REI, and its own retail store in Tokyo. Over the past seven years, PVS has used wood, metal canvases, magnets, recycled Chrome bags, scaffolding, stencils, paint — pretty much any material you can think of — to help convey that if you are working hard, playing hard and riding hard in the city, Chrome is your jam.

By the Numbers

  • 7 years (continuous)
  • 12 brick & mortar 
  • 40 shop-in-shop displays
  • 7 non-traditional materials
    • wood
    • metal
    • canvas
    • magnets
    • recycled backpacks
    • stencils
    • paint
  • 8 jigs for drilling
  • 32 employees
  • 6 departments
  • 7 machines

Print it
cut it
Bend it
build it
ship it


When there are 462 retail locations expecting a new display from the vacuum category leader, you don’t want to suck.

That’s why PVS’ long time agency partner looked to us to engineer the mechanics and materials for ease of packing, assembling and shipping while maintaining their display design. Like the client, we see design as a solution to problems.

Each display contained heat formed expanded PVC, laser cut and heat bent acrylic and interchangeable Styrene prints. Each kit assembled to encapsulate the end of an aisle at a big box hardware retailer.

Originally, the project was to be done in six weeks, but was then changed to three weeks. PVS got it done in two.

by the numbers

  • 2 week timeline
    (originally 6 weeks)
  • 462 displays
  • 930 sheets of styrene
  • 652 sheets of sintra
  • 3,798 feet of magnetic tape
  • 78 sheets of clear acrylic
  • 40 sheets of cardstock
  • 465 boxes
  • 27,271 sq ft of ink
  • 465 graphic packages
  • 2 heat benders built
  • 5 saw horse jigs
  • 20 custom palettes
  • 4 rocket ship jigs
  • 4 machines
  • 5 departments
  • 40 employees 

in our
world cup,


Large-scale, multifaceted project for 2014 World Cup.

Our agency partner needed their flat one-dimensional design translated into 3-dimensional fan objects for the World Cup. ¡Olé! PVS worked with them to print, cut, pack and ship kits for Germany, Argentina, Mexico and Spain, while trying to keep the White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army out of our collective heads.

To create dimensionality, the pieces were heat formed and assembled with routed and spaced national emblems and raised lettering. There were custom fabricated bracketry attached to the back to give options for slatwall hanging or table-top configuration.

By The Numbers

  • 2 week timeline
  • 362 sheets (5x10) of 6mm expanded PVC
  • 70 sheets (4x8) of 12mm expanded PVC
  • 5 sheets (4x8) of 1” acrylic
  • 8,001 sq ft of ink
  • 2,548 finished pieces
  • 4 machines
  • 25 jigs built for placement
  • 7 departments
  • 21 people
  • 981 hours

"I need
 a 96x120
 lightbox by


Emergency solutions humming quietly in a 900 sq ft room at PVS.

When a gaping hole visually broke up a retail environment that needed to be tied together, PVS’ in-house design team developed a lightbox that was fitted with a print on poly-based fabric created by our dye-sub printer. The frames were sized, graphic was printed, and the edges sewn to fit the frames for delivery to the store 36 hours after the client’s urgent call.

By The Numbers

  • 36 hour timeline
  • 6 departments
  • 5 people
  • One 96x120 lightbox